Quality Control Concept  
1. Consideration for Otimal Pet Health: supply quality products which meet end customer needs and requirements.
2. Continuous Product Management improvements: establish procedures for collaboration to achieve customers' requirements and reach highest level of customers satisfaction and trust.
3. Implementation of production quality target management: continious evaluation of target completion status.

Quality Control Production Process Control
1) Sanitary control:
A. Temperature management: to control temperature changes and seasonal factors, carry out temperature control for each workshop.
B. Seperation of Contaminated areas and Clean areas.
C. Disinfection control before entrance and during processing.

2) Contamination Prevention:
A. Every section during processing ( pre-processing, wrapping, drying,packing): establishment of double shift to check for the foreign body and contamination risks.
B. Metal Detector during final package process.

Self-inspection items:
① Microbiology:Aerobic plate count, coliform bacteria, salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus.
② Random checking: Random checking during and after production and according to the specification of products (length, weight, shape, etc.)
③ Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, crude ash, moisture, PH

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